The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! And happy new year – here’s to 2019!

The new year has started with a bang as we launched our new website and blog!

It’s very exciting to share the changes we have made and our new ‘Clean Living’ mantra with our readers…

While we were feeling a bit tired this morning after seeing in the New Year last night with friends (and an authentic Russian New Years meal – that was a first and such good fun) we soon found our energy after a morning coffee, a shot of Ningxia, and a few drops of peppermint oil in the diffuser!

This was lucky as Ziggy was looking forward to a nice walk in the park where she could chase squirrels and run around with her pals!

Here’s a pic of our New Years walk… (super exposed, bad selfie!)


Let our New Year resolution be this: to succeed at whatever we set our minds to in 2019  

— Think Success

So we hope your New Years is also off to a good start. Here’s wishing you all a prosperous and healthy 2019. May this be the year you ‘go clean’.

Stay Clean, Jess and Marisa

PS, ready to go clean… get your starter pack and take the leap to changing your dirty products to clean healthy alternatives. click here

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